Stories of Forgiveness:

Maria’s Story

I grew up in Colombia, South America, a country that has been suffering violence for over 40 years. When I was 13 on the 23rd of December 1986, my dad was kidnapped right in front of my eyes, by one of the guerrilla groups!

I always believed in God and prayed for my dad’s return. It took 3 years before we found out the guerrillas had killed him, and I blamed myself, because I thought my faith hadn’t been strong enough. That is when I started searching for the true meaning of Faith and the higher meaning of life. Nine years ago, I started on my journey of spiritual awakening and since then, I’ve been going through a process of forgiveness, inner transformation, spiritual growth and self-discovery.

At the beginning of my journey, I did not respond with anger or resentment towards the people responsible for my dad’s death directly. Instead, I was angry at life……..

Julie’s Story

In 1986 Julie Chimes agreed to let an emotionally distressed acquaintance wait in her cottage, which was occasionally used as a waiting room for her partner’s busy General Medical Practice. The woman had been taken off a train for behaving in a strange manner and after a bizarre chain of events was eventually brought by police unexpectedly early to the public waiting room of Julie’s Doctor boyfriend. After receiving an initial assessment she asked if she could wait in the comfort of the cottage, until the Doctor could give her his full attention. No one, not even the woman’s psychiatrist or family knew that she had recently taken herself off all medication for paranoid schizophrenia……..

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