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“To advance individual and societal transformation through the practice of forgiveness in order to create sustainable peace.”

Our work includes:

1. Building awareness and learning for the practice of forgiveness.

2. Delivering a methodology for the practice of forgiveness through Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation (ESPERE)

3. Promoting the Global Forgiveness Learning Network


Forgiveness International, Inc. is a non-profit that was formed for three primary purposes:

1. To increase the awareness learning and practice of interpersonal and political forgiveness and reconciliation to address the pain caused by genocide and war as well as domestic violence;

2. To bring the healing method of the Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation (also known as “ESPERE) to communities suffering from the effects of violence,both In the United States and abroad;

3. To create and manage a Global Forgiveness Learning Network by facilitating conferences, discussion forums and disseminating information with the goal that this network will serve as a means by which victims of violence, and peace building practitioners using forgiveness can share lessons about how healing has stopped cycles of revenge in their communities.

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Maria’s Story I grew up in Colombia, South America, a country that…

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